Bruce Duncan & BINA48


BINA48 Technological Art or Artifice?


"Since ancient times humanity has followed its compelling desire to share its truths, stories and important moments through self expression using art and the technology of the day. The Impressionist’s benefited from paint tubes (portable) just as 3D printers are allowing new forms of artistic expression to emerge. Today’s online digital technologies are creating new opportunities for our global human community to become connected and know each other, but there is also the challenge to remain grounded in the present and engaged in what it means to be human. Each one of us is already creating rich digital reflections through our online activities about our preferences, habits. attitudes, values and beliefs. In someways Bina48 is a continuation of our age old attempts to communicate a “truth” about the evolving nature of human consciousness via a momentary portrait via sculpture,artificial intelligence and robotics about the coming future where to quote Martine Rothblatt ( Founder Terasem Movement); Life is Purposeful, Death is Optional, God is Technological, and Love is Essential."