The VR Library, a permanent exhibition space on Dover Street, is a virtual gallery open to the public to located in the GAZELL.iO Project Space on 39 Dover Street, Mayfair. The VR Library allows visitors to explore a curated selection of interactive artworks from established and emerging digital artists.GAZELL.iO has been championing non-traditional genre's in the traditional gallery space since the 2015 launch of the popular and annual series Enter Through the Headset (ETTH).


The artworks in the VR Library push the boundaries of the medium and raise probing questions about pressing environmental and societal topics. They are exhibited in a gallery format where the visitor can select and enter an artwork by looking into the thumbnail in the VR gallery. 


Artists include works from previous GAZELL.iO artists in residence such as; Jocelyn Anquetil & Charles Harrop-Griffiths (UK),  BRiGHTBLACK (US),  Gibson/Martelli (UK), Rebecca Allen (US), Claudia Hart (US), Alison Goodyear (UK), Armin Keplinger (Germany), Shi Zheng (China), Matterlurgy (UK) and represented artists Matteo Zamagni (Italy) and Michael Takeo Magruder (US/UK), and more.


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