Albert Barque-Duran

Albert Barqué-Duran (1989), PhD, is an artist and a researcher in Creative Technologies and Digital Art, currently based in Barcelona.


Duran earned his PhD and Postdoc in Cognitive Science from City, University of London (UK) and have been a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard University (USA) and University of Oxford (UK). Duran’s artistic research focuses on: (1) human-machine interaction during artistic and creative processes, (2) Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) aesthetic artifacts, (3) perception and aesthetics under sensory conflicts, vestibular manipulation or altered gravity conditions, and (4) experimental formats and aesthetics in virtual environments using game engines.


He has exhibited and performed at Sónar+D (Barcelona, Spain), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Creative Reactions (London, UK), Cricoteka (Krakow, Poland), Albumarte (Rome, Italy), SciArt Center (New York, USA), IGNITE Fest (Medellín, Colombia), Nuits Sonores (Lyon, France), Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain), Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai, China), DMA (Daejon, South Korea), SIGGRAPH (USA) or NeurIPS (Vancouver, Canada), and more.