Sarah Allen – Mozilla Foundation

Hi, I’m Sarah
I design convenings for the global community to connect and collaborate with each other using the principles of Open, movement organising, and federated design. These convenings empower the community to raise their most pressing issues facing their online lives today and build solutions with other participants.

Its important to gather participants from a wide range of disciples, geographies, age groups, ethnicity, and cultures to ensure we have many perspectives to keep the web open, free, and healthy for all.

I am the wrangler of the wranglers for MozFest.
Favorite working open project
So many, so hard to choose….I do love and appreciate all the hard work, design and beautiful art that goes into Artist Open Web – a project spanning three years curated by Luca Damiani and Irini Papadimitriou. I love the expanse of storytelling through art, and Artist Open Web captures the development of the studio, the work and the aspiration for sharing the story of Internet health across different mediums and art pieces.

Outside of Mozilla
Love exploring new cities on foot, stopping along the way at hipster coffee shops, independent breweries, and trying all the local food delicacies. I make a decent cup of tea, am a massive Whitney Houston fan and love a good book club with my mates in London <3