NFT Clubhouse Panel Discussion | 08.06.2021

Event: Tuesday 8th June, 2021 6pm BST 
Live: Guest talk on Art Talks with Verisart, Clubhouse

Join digital artist Brendan Dawes, currently on view at .ext GAZELL.iO's NFT exhibition, Alex Estorick, Contributing Editor for Art and Technology at Flash Art. Alex founded the magazine’s digital column, “The Uncanny Valley”, specialising in the relationship between AI and contemporary art, Robert Norton, CEO of Verisart, Micol, founder of Vertical Cryptoart, Wade Wallerstein, Co-Founder of Transfer Gallery and Silicon Valet and Mila Askarova, founder of Gazelli Art House and GAZELL.iO for a discussion on NFTs.

June 8, 2021