Will Pappenheimer

1 - 31 July 2017

For the GAZELL.iO residency, Will Pappenheimer will be creating video artworks “documenting” his on-site augmented reality (AR) installations in various locations, as well as live AR works launched from the online screen and or located in the Gazelli Art House Gallery. New works will appear at this residency site every few days throughout the month.


Will Pappenheimer works across new media, performance, video and installation, driven by an interest in shifting spatial, virtual and object relations, often as a form of artistic or institutional intervention. He focuses on a given site, event or object, exploring its intersections of origin, function, meaning, aesthetics, and social or cultural nexus as source for alteration, re-envisioning or extrapolation. Making virtual works for public space, such as forms of augmented reality sculpture connected to collective social network space, is what we might understand as new forms of public art or installation. The ephemeral nature of these works can also be understood as performative assemblage, coming into being through the activities and reception of the audience in relation to physical, technological, social or psychological space.