Sara Ludy

1 - 31 December 2017

During her residency, Sara Ludy went birding (bird watching) every Sunday and Wednesday during December, sharing a variety of media from these outings.


Following her Residency, Ludy continued her exploration with birds in art. In 2019, she exhibited at Bitforms gallery with a nature focused exhibition 'Uneartherd', an exhibition which brouhht awareness to the everyday and great appreciation for all that exists outside of the screen.


Ludy said following the exhibition 'While working on this exhibition I couldn’t help but think how the landscape of glass and copper we navigate through and around every day is responsible for billions of bird deaths. Nearly 1 billion birds die a year crashing into windows, and another billion birds die crashing into power lines. These threats are as looming to their extinction as climate change is. If bird populations decline, everything will follow. Their important role in balancing insect populations, dispersing seeds, and creating habitable ecosystems will vanish. When Mao Zedong created the Great Sparrow Campaign in 1958 in China, he asked the population to bang pots and pans to tire and kill flying sparrows. Hundreds of millions of sparrows died, creating a drastically unstable ecosystem that resulted in 30 million people starving due to a famine, just a few years later.'