Conversations with women who build the future in their own image

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Interview series to coincide with Gretchen Andrew’s “vision boards” that bend the internet’s artificial intelligence to her desires.


Full-length interviews are archived here but were shared in their primary form as a series 15 second and 1-minute clips on Instagram.


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The thesis behind these conversations is that by being a unique self the work these women do is inherently feminist. Feminism here is not a set of values or a defined political lense, it’s themselves, being a woman, making decisions, making and reshaping the world.


I first started thinking about this when I read Miranda July, Nell Zink, and Ottessa Moshfegh. These women are nothing short of brilliant and their books are so…weird. Weird in the best way.  Because the voices within these works are so unique, so distinct to the authors, I started thinking about each as a feminine and feminist literature. Or I think about Billie Eilish and us being increasingly in a moment when women can be celebrated for being themselves, not squeezing ourselves into the molds made by John Steinbeck or Elvis Prestley.


I don’t so much ask how being a woman has impacted their work, I ask who they are, what they care about, and how that creates the worlds they work in.  In a way, the same thing.


We also explore how themes in my work play out in their own lives and industries.


Released week of May 4th, 2020