• NANCY BAKER CAHILL: the quivering and lively nerve of the now

    NANCY BAKER CAHILL: the quivering and lively nerve of the now

    Nancy Baker Cahill is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on systemic power, consciousness, and the body. 


    the quivering and lively nerve of the now is an experimental filmic cento in three acts after Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector’s iconic Agua Viva. The film offers an argument for body fluidity and abjection in the face of oppression. A celebration of selfhood, desire, and lust, the work reveals a visceral reflection of living/creating the way Clarice Lispector writes. I created visual sequences that revel in abstract carnality to counter this moment of contemporary witch-hunting and politically-sanctioned misogyny. In aggregate, the film presents a poetic love letter to lusty living entangled with nature, consciousness, and temporality.   


    "I first read Agua Viva in 2016, at an inflection point in my practice and in national politics. I felt seen and understood - her explosive internal combustion, her animal and abject approach to nature and selfhood. “She writes the way I draw,” I told everyone. This series picks up where my recent series Slipstream: Table of Contents leaves off, mediating literature through digital art. A single sentence from the book animates the film’s abstract narrative: “I am before, I am almost, I am never.” The film’s title, the quivering and lively nerve of the now, is based on a sentence fragment that resonated with that same ephemeral, uncontainable sentiment. 

    Throughout the film I read select sentences from Agua Viva to form an aural cento, a poetic collage of her words. The animation includes my graphite drawings and digital and vfx artworks I created. I am grateful to the Gazelli Art House and GAZELLiO residency for supporting this work through my residency in January 2023."


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  • ART SG 2023

    ART SG 2023

    Gazelli Art House is delighted to present a group showing of digital works for their inaugural participation in ART SG, featuring technology-driven works by Brendan Dawes, Jake Elwes, Auriea Harvey, Libby Heaney, Lauren Lee McCarthy, Michael Takeo Magruder, Alexander Reben, and Nye Thompson x UBERMORGEN. The booth is a testament to the gallery’s history of promoting innovative art forms through their renowned programme GAZELL.iO, established in 2015 to bring together works by outstanding artists working in the digital field.


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  • Aziz + Cucher: You’re Welcome and I’m Sorry

    Aziz + Cucher: You’re Welcome and I’m Sorry

    To celebrate the exhibition You're Welcome and I'm Sorry at Gazelli Art House, and a recently released monograph celebrating thirty years of cross disciplinary practice between Aziz + Cucher, the artist duo launched unique NFTs from the 30th of November.


    The NFT release will commence with You’re Welcome and I’m Sorry (The Judge), the second instalment of a trilogy of short NFT works. The second NFT drop will be on the 21 of January, King of Hearts loop on GAZELL.iO Marketplace. In March, the duo will launch the gallery’s first ever Proof of Attendance NFTs. The Proof of Attendance NFTs are free to claim for all who visit their book launch. 


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  • Brendan Dawes: You, Me, and the Machine, Tribute to Herbert W. Franke

    Brendan Dawes: You, Me, and the Machine

    Tribute to Herbert W. Franke

    Created for the Herbert W. Franke Tribute, You, Me and the Machine creates typographic compositions using the underlying code which drives the work, reacting to the physical distance of the viewer to the work itself. The further the viewer is from the work, the more obfuscated and larger the text. As the viewer approaches nearer, the composition becomes clearer and longer parts of the underlying source code are revealed.


    Through this work, Dawes aims to pay homage to Franke and in particular his concept of the “social communication circle in art” and the circular nature of the work and the artist. You, Me and the Machine takes those ideas whilst also including the viewer of the work to create an interactive feedback loop through a transparent system — both physically and digitally — as a celebration of not just coded systems but systems which interact in real-time with the viewer. The Hebert W. Franke Tribute is curated by Anika Meier. Dawes will donate a percentage of proceeds to art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke.


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  • Ana Maria Caballero: Ways to Misspell Obsidian

    Ana Maria Caballero: Ways to Misspell Obsidian

    WAYS TO MISSPELL OBSIDIAN is a collection of spoken-word poems by Ana Maria Caballero that investigates and celebrates the storytelling potential of long-form poetry. Following the passing of a very close friend, Caballero composed JUAN, a eulogy-in-verse. This text serves as both precursor and companion to Ways to Misspell Obsidian, a lyric essay written years later in which details of Juan’s passing are braided into the story of the intoxication of Caballero’s young son with nail polish remover. 


    Caballero culled from the pages of her essay to create two standalone poems, FATHOMLESS and ONCE. Combined with JUAN, these works form a triptych of shared signification, recursion, imagery, and vocabulary in which rhyme, unexpected line breaks, and spacing are used to sketch the shadows of emotion.


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  • Brendan Dawes: Moments Spent with Others

    Brendan Dawes: Moments Spent with Others

    Moments Spent with Others explores the beauty behind moments and how the concept of time and space is connected to the captivating feeling of interacting with others. His second time exhibiting with the gallery, Moments Spent with Others is an invitation to Dawes’ personal stories wrapped in digital visualisations. Over the recent pandemic period, as human interaction became scarce and precious, we grew accustomed to detaching ourselves from other people.


    The master work, seen from multiple perspectives and sold as one NFT, delves into three moments in Dawes’s life; eating pizza on the edge of a building with his friend in SOHO, NY, watching late-night classic films on VHS tape with his father, and sitting on his favourite park bench with his wife, Lisa. Highlighting the importance of the physical display of Dawes's digital art, the Master NFT comes with the display. In addition to the master NFT, a sequence of unique 1 of 1 collectible stills based on each memory are also available.


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  • Coldie: Front Row 3D: Stereoscopic Concert Photography

    Coldie: Front Row 3D: Stereoscopic Concert Photography

    In partnership with Seattle NFT Museum, Coldie's Front Row 3D: Stereoscopic Concert Photography, are unique set of NFTs displayed in the Project Space, having recently made notable advances in the traditional art world with record-breaking sales for his single edition NFTs.


    This NFT drop invites the viewer to explore the development of stereoscopic three-dimensional (3-D) imaging and collage throughout his artistic career. The works will explore Coldie’s use of 3-D imaging across a variety of mediums, including lenticular prints, photographs, moving images, and virtual reality (VR). The displayed collection of images derives from a watershed moment for the artist at Coachella from years 2009-2010, where he assumed the role of official 3-D photographer - a position contemporarily largely unheard of. The overall project of taking 3D concert photos spanned from 2009-2018, ending when Coldie began embracing the digital art and NFT space, where his lenticular style followed him. 


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  • Nye Thompson & UBERMORGEN: UNINVITED Stills: Courtship

    Nye Thompson & UBERMORGEN: UNINVITED Stills: Courtship

    This exclusive NFT drop is part of the UNINVITED project. Started as a film, it depicts an alternate reality as seen through the eyes of CCTV and AI. Images hijacked from thousands of unsecured CCTV cameras from all over the world are the basis of this work. These images were sorted, analysed, interpreted, and optimised by a set of deep learning algorithms and then orchestrated into a horror film.


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  • Adesola Yusuf: ORDER & LAGOS, ORDER & LAGOS

    Adesola Yusuf: ORDER & LAGOS


    Adesola Yusuf, otherwise known as Arclight.jpg, presents three unique NFTs from his series ORDER & LAGOS. The works illustrate his personal and individual experiences growing up in Lagos. He presents an illustration of the city life's positive and negative experiences, highlighting elements of poverty, police brutality, and lack of academic opportunities yet acknowledging the vibrancy and excitement of the spaces he grew up. The descriptions of the works are quotes that narrate this poetic duality of his life in Lagos. 


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  • Spatial.iO x GAZELL.iO x OpenSea

    Spatial.iO x GAZELL.iO x OpenSea

    GAZELL.iO is pleased to announce a unique first of its kind three way partnership with the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens, OpenSea and virtual gallery space/metaverse, GAZELL.iO took over OpenSea’s gallery on Spatial with an exclusive NFT exhibition, featuring ten GAZELL.iO artists. Following 6 years of GAZELL.iO online residency programme highlighting some of the most forward thinking, established and emerging digital artists, this is the largest commercial online GAZELL.iO exhibition to date, and the first gallery takeover of OpenSea’s first and only virtual gallery space.


    The exhibition themes focus on code, AI, generative art, and technological singularity. Artists include; Brendan Dawes, Coldie, Jake Elwes, Oswaldo Erreve, Auriea Harvey, Leo Isikdogan, Alexander Reben, Nye Thompson/ UBERMORGEN, Orkhan Mammadov, and Yassi Mazandi. The artists will present a mixture of new unique works commissioned for the exhibition, historical works, and works from previous GAZELL.iO projects that fall within the theme. The exhibition exemplifies how each of these artists, all from diverse artistic backgrounds, explore different ways of autonomous systems that can create new forms, shapes, ideas, and concepts.


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  • Alexander Reben: Thought-Render Fractal Series

    Alexander Reben: Thought-Render Fractal Series

    Thought-render fractal artworks are created by a collaboration between a human and a machine. Works from the series are produced as follows:


    1. a computer algorithm generates an adjective-noun phrase
    2. the artist thinks about this phrase while the computer reads his
    brainwaves and body-signals
    3. the computer uses this data to generate fractal flames
    4. the computer searches the internet for images of the phrase, which it uses to create a color palette
    5. the computer shows the artist several results, measuring his brainwaves and body-signals, it uses artificial intelligence (A.I) to select which he likes best
    6. the final result is rendered for printing


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  • ORKHAN MAMMADOV: Singularity in Heritage

    ORKHAN MAMMADOV: Singularity in Heritage

    Singularity in Heritage by Orkhan Mammadov derives from his ongoing research project and autonomous AI art, first shown at the Venice Contemporary Art Biennale in 2019 and the Moscow International Art Biennale. This NFT drop derives from processing over 150,000 archival images of carpets, rugs, kilims, miniature paintings, and ornamental patterns found in museums and libraries worldwide, a neural network computing system brings together the heritage through a digital lens, enabling the viewer to encounter the visual history of traditional carpets. Mammadov revives a “tangible” cultural heritage and turns it into the first-ever carpets and Middle-Eastern-inspired wall designs in the Metaverse.


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  • ART BASEL 2021

    ART BASEL 2021

    GAZELL.iO artists Brendan Dawes, Jake Elwes, Leo Isikdogan, and Orkhan Mammadov exhibited as part of the special edition of Trove, live on Artsy, and at Amex's Platinum Studio at the Art Basel Miami Beach Edition. This first in-person exhibition of Trove features exclusive, for-sale works by prominent artists. 


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  • Derek Boshier: KPOP POP

    Derek Boshier: KPOP POP

    Derek Boshier’s second NFT is drawn from his series K-Pop and created in collaboration with digital artist Shapeshifter7. Inspired by South Korean singing television contest King of Mask Singer – whose participants’ identities are only revealed when eliminated – the NFT depicts cartoon-like figures. The canvas set against the wall provides a clear link to the work’s roots as a painting, now brought to life through animation. Kellogg’s iconic “K” is playfully used as a signifier for both Korean pop music and American consumerism. The work nods to the TV show’s increasingly popular global franchise, highlighting aspects of cultural appropriation and universalist aspirations. For Boshier, these inherent elements of deception, mystery, and audience participation mirror the political landscape of the post-Trump era. 


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  • Jake Elwes: Zizi - Queering the Dataset

    Jake Elwes: Zizi - Queering the Dataset

    Zizi - Queering the Dataset aims to tackle the lack of representation and diversity in the training datasets often used by facial recognition systems. The video was made by disrupting these systems and re-training them with the addition of drag and gender fluid faces found online. This causes the weights inside the neural network to shift away from the normative identities it was originally trained on and into a space of queerness. Zizi - Queering The Dataset lets us peek inside the machine learning system and visualise what the neural network has (and hasn’t) learnt. The work is a celebration of difference and ambiguity, which invites us to reflect on bias in our data driven society.


    The Zizi Project (2019 - ongoing) is a collection of works by Jake Elwes exploring the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and drag performance. Drag challenges gender and explores otherness, while A.I. is often mystified as a concept and tool, and is complicit in reproducing social bias. Zizi combines these themes through a deepfake, synthesised drag identity created using machine learning. The project explores what AI can teach us about drag, and what drag can teach us about A.I.


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  • Alexander Reben: Let's Talk About Text

    Alexander Reben: Let's Talk About Text

    In conjunction with Gazelli Art House's exhibition, Let's Talk About Text, Alexander Reben dropped a series of NFTs. 

    Reben, an artist and MIT-trained roboticist, works probes the inherently human nature of the artificial. Using tools such as artificial philosophy, synthetic psychology, perceptual manipulation and technological magic, he brings to light our inseparable evolutionary entanglement to the invention which has unarguably shaped our way of being. This “art as experiment” allows us to understand who we are and consider whom we will become in our continued co-development with our artificial creations.


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  • Mattia Casalegno: Scarabaeus

    Mattia Casalegno: Scarabaeus

    Scarabaeus series come with a physical print upon purchase Il Gesto Sospeso series was born out of a collab between Mattia Casalegno, designer Roberto Capucci and Martux_M. This piece was part of a 6 channel AV installation commissioned by FENDI and premiered at the Rome Fashion Week in 2010. The series will be exhibited during London fashion week in 2022, in the Project Space at Gazelli Art House. "a stunning work, emotive and spectacular" - VOGUE Italia


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  • Gretchen Andrew: The Next American President

    Gretchen Andrew: The Next American President

    As reported on the front page of CNN, Gretchen used art, code and glitter to manipulate the 2020 US presidential election and Google’s algorithm, displacing both candidates and the election results with her hopes and dreams for the future. Now you can collect this momentous hack. This NFT contains a live web archive maintained by Rhizome’s Conifer that was recorded during the week of the 2020 US presidential election through a Verisart certificate.


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  • .EXT: Brendan Dawes, Claudia Hart, Tupac Martir

    .EXT: Brendan Dawes, Claudia Hart, Tupac Martir

    .EXT coinciding with GAZELL.iO's exhibition featuring both physical and digital works of three new media artists; Brendan Dawes, Claudia Hart and Tupac Martir. Dawes’ body of work entitled The Collectors (2021) is inspired by his top three NFT collectors; Paris Hilton, Whaleshark, and Vignesh Sundaresan, also known as MetaKovan (who recently purchased Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days at Christie’s). The works will be presented as three architectural 3D printed sculptures alongside three screens showing the corresponding NFT works.  Martir's NFT titles are taken from the unique experience that each viewer will gain from the multilayered VR performance, yet the experience is intended to shift away from often isolating VR experiences to develop communal experiences through multi-disciplinary XR techniques. Brendan Dawes' NFTs are SOLD OUT.


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  • Gibson & Marelli: Drawing Levels

    Gibson & Marelli: Drawing Levels

    Drawing Levels (2021) by new media artist duo, Gibson/Martelli's concept began with Ruth Gibson creating drawings in VR, experimentally holding the controllers with her feet — a part of the body which is crucial for dancers but frequently overlooked for an input. The drawing software renders gesture data as a ‘solid’ shape, a moving point becomes a line in space — the foot drawing, essentially becomes a performance in stasis. Drawing Levels was created with the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council /Engineering, Next Generation of Immersive Experiences grant and a Xenoform LAB residency in San Francisco.


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  • Ben Wheele: Top 5 Animation Containers

    Ben Wheele: Top 5 Animation Containers

    A rare collection of digital trading cards by artist Ben Wheele. Using CGI animation, Wheele constructs a fantastical world of sinister creatures and digital hybrids available for your ownership. The collection attempts to reinterpret the sparkling, holographic nostalgia of 80s-90s trading cards. Wheele’s work is often found lurking in the "dark side of YouTube," a little-known zone of mysterious videos, which generate all sorts of conspiracy theories and terrified reaction videos online. This series began life as a short animation that replicates the style of a WatchMojo ‘Countdown’ video to explore how viral memes evolve. Using a cast of fictitious or impossible animated characters, Wheele explores the weird psychosocial materiality of being ‘always online’. 


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  • BRiGHTBLACK: A Time Will Come When No One Remembers You Were Here

    BRiGHTBLACK: A Time Will Come When No One Remembers You Were Here

    BRiGHTBLACK Presents: A series of real world locations presented one year after an extinction event, when nature has begun to fill the void left by the absence of human beings. 


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