Represented artist duo, Recycle Group, presents New Nature at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow

GAZELL.iO is pleased to announce Recycle Group's current exhibition at Winzavod CCA, Manege Exhibition Hall and Triumph Gallery. New Nature, a large-scale personal project by the art duo Recycle Group premiered this summer at Manege in St. Petersburg.

While the new iteration continues to explore the interactions between machines and humans, and the transformations in us brought about by the influence of modern technology, it also offers a new exhibition-design narrative. The exposition traces back the evolution of art by Recycle Group and of the audience’s perception as shaped by the ebb and flow of social, cultural, and technological developments. The exposition is expanded with objects and installations that were not shown in the first part of the project.

The Moscow edition of New Nature scatters the artworks around the premises of Winzavod, a creative cluster that has played a central role in the emergence and development of contemporary art in Russia. Interactive objects and dynamic installations turn viewers into participants of a virtual and technological performance. Taking on the metaphorical role of a metronome and laying out the project in three domains — material, spiritual, virtual — Recycle Group attempts to envisage and anticipate the ideas that will lay the foundation for the art of the future.

‘We want to study the new nature of man, which is undergoing an intensive formative period and will be advancing at an ever-faster pace. What we are seeing today is already generating evolutionary implications. The link between us and machines is currently the key force in civilizational development, and the underpinning philosophies for all this are being elaborated in this very moment. Each of us is almost daily contributing our data to the new world and almost all of this information is stored and is of value’.

Recycle Group

The society is going through rapid change on a global scale, precipitated by the ‘digital revolution’, and physical proximity is losing its former significance. New technologies and machine learning have enabled an almost fully virtualised lifestyle. Recycle Group focuses on the human aspiration to make a lasting mark in this virtual world and on the transformation of the familiar models of communication and perception in the age of AI.

‘The projects by Recycle Group explore the perspectives and effects of the diffusion between the tangible and digital worlds as well as the new virtual forms of art and consciousness. It seems to be just yesterday when we were still separating the material and digital dimensions, but today there can be no question about these two aspects having been integrated and interlinked — we are already living in a mixed reality, without any separation between the real and the virtual. Daily updates and additions to our digital persona turn into a gradual development of your virtual replica. But can this persona, unlike our physical body, achieve a sort of digital immortality?’

Polina Mogilina, curator

January 14, 2022