1 - 31 August 2021

"I am honored to share this moment of my NFT journey with Gazellio Gallery and to let you into my current projects in process as well as share about my journey in NFTs and crypto art since my beginning in 2017. I am in a development phase where I am creating 3D/VR enabled artworks. During my residency, I will be working on a new VR NFT. During this process, I will talk about my process and why I am focused on this for my evolution in art-making Giving my backstory about my art progression, my love for stereoscopic 3D art, my time at LA Weekly as a cover artist, and how I found crypto art in 2017 and where I am heading from here. Talking about my experience with ASYNC and how it is allowing me to do more with my art than I ever thought would be possible as a digital artist."