Giovanna Olmos

1 - 29 February 2016

Made with Procreate Pocket and PICBOW on iPhone 5c. Featuring the portraits “Maria and her sister”, “Emmanuel Olunkwa”, “Giovanna Olmos”, “Emilio Bianchic Zaffaroni”, “India Menuez” and “Chrissie Iles”.


Poster by Carolina Vargas. Featuring the self portrait “Giovanna Olmos”.


Poster by Anastasia Davydova. Featuring the portrait “Chrissie Iles”.


Poster by Ana Fabrega. Featuring the portrait “Francesca Gavin”.


Poster by Nora Renaud. Featuring a detail of the portrait “Maria And Her Sister”.


Poster by Jordan Barse. Featuring the portraits “Giovanna Olmos”, “Emmanuel Olunkwa” and “Francesca Gavin”.


Poster by Nandi Loaf.


Poster by Emaan Khan.


Poster by Carolina Vargas. Featuring the portrait “Emmanuel Olunkwa”.


Poster by Theodore Darst. Featuring the portraits “Chrissie Iles” and “Maria And Her Sister”.