Iain Nicholls & Alison Gill

1 - 30 June 2016

“Lookout Lookout – Experiments in a Virtual Double World”


This online residency will be images created during June by painter Iain Nicholls and sculptor Alison Gill for a collaborative virtual reality installation centred around a residence at The Lookout Tower, Aldeburgh 26th June – 3rd July, provisionally titled “Lookout Lookout – Experiments in a Virtual Double World”. It is a development diary of ideas for the work to be created during the residency.


The loose aims of the collaboration are first to investigate the relationship between making art using virtual reality and making art in more traditional ways, with real objects and spaces crossing over into a virtual reality ‘double world’. 


Secondly, it is hoped to experiment with how these new virtual spaces relate to the ‘old’ area of fact regarding the residency’s space in – The Lookout Tower, Aldeburgh.


Last year, Iain Nicholls collaborated with programmer Tom Szirtes to create “Veil”, a virtual reality art installation that was recently shown at Gazelli Art House. Some images that led to Veil’s creation that has not been seen before are shown here, to begin with. They had a similar relationship to the final Veil installation as the images that follow in June will have to the new building Iain and Alison will be creating.


Click on the link below to view the Vimeo film

Veil VR Art Installation at the Barbican Arts Centre London August 2015