Eran Tsafrir: /sɑːm/ [Psalm.]

1 - 31 January 2018

Appeals to emotion and personal belief and the dismissal of objective truths are the hallmarks of the politics of our time, and a powerful tool in the dissemination of extremist propaganda. The boundaries between fact and fiction, between right and wrong, are muddled. Our ability to make decisions on a sound foundation is compromised, undermining the very idea of freedom.


/sɑːm/ [Psalm.] tackles the issue by looking at the deployment of technology and digital aesthetics to influence, shape and manipulate beliefs, and by seeking to identify a counter-narrative.


The VR and 360° sound work is part of an evolving thematic project called /ˈhaʃtaɡ/ [#ashtag.] that marks the inauguration of a [futuristic] protest faith movement.


The project is developed with the support of Betalab, UKVR, Ravensbourne and Arts Council England.


Work-in-progress material and information will be added to this residency site as the project evolves.