Joan Soler-Adillon: In Pieces, Sketches of a Dystopian Present

1 - 31 October 2018

In Pieces is an experimental VR interactive documentary and interactive installation about the personal impact of politically motivated imprisonment and exile.


With a micro-narrative approach, it explores the voices of the families of the Catalan political prisoners and exiled politicians, and of the prisoners themselves; a situation that started in October 2017 and is still ongoing to date.


It is an immersive experience that, in its final form, will unfold in two different spaces and scales.


On one end, it will be a VR experience to be visualised with a VR headset. One the other, it will be an interactive installation made out of 3D Printed models of the characters and objects that constitute the VR experience.


The virtual and physical spaces will offer two narrative levels: the first will be a space for intimacy; a one person experience to hear thoughts and reflections on how repression affects you day-to-day live. The physical installation will address a more social and political level of communication (what is commonly said in the media), as a space accessed by several people at once.