Erik Winkowski

1 - 30 September 2020
"I’m interested in using this residency to explore how painting, animation, drawing, and photography can be collaged together sculpturally and architecturally to create immersive digital installations."
New Orleans–based artist Erik Winkowski (b. 1983, NYC) treats video like collage, cutting up, painting over, and remixing scenes from everyday life in playful, unexpected ways. After earning his BFA from The Cooper Union in 2006, where he studied animation and design, he worked for several years as a motion designer creating computer animations by day and paintings by night. In an effort to fuse his handmade work with his digital work, he started his Video Sketchbook on Instagram in 2018. Over the course of a year he posted a new video each day and developed innovative animation techniques that integrated the colorful exuberance of his paintings with the hypnotic quality of his video work. He continues to experiment, pioneering new techniques in animation that can be seen in his collaborations with Gucci, Prada, Hermès, and The New York Times.