Vroboscopic Investigations


Vroboscopic Investigations is a work-in-progress based on the concept of the Zoetrope. The work reimagines the machine, an innovation from the 18th century, and repositions this early example of moving image technology into a virtual experience.

Vroboscopic Investigations is a development of my research along three themes. Bourriaud’s theory of postproduction art, light, and how it can be used to reveal multiple narratives, and the notion of the artist-as-detective. This work hands control over to the viewer, enrolling them in an endless investigation that allows the viewer to explore what narrative means and how it is performed.

Films sampled within the Vroboscope:

The Mirror (1975) Birth (2004) The Gift (2015) Jackie (2016) Interiors (1978) Arrival (2016) Coherence (2013) Lost Highway (1997) Tenebre (1982) The Neon Demon (2016) Personal Shopper (2016) Here Alone (2016)

I’m going to be sampling and remixing moving image and stills captured daily from various genres and typologies, the only restriction is that they are broadcast on UK television during March 2018.



Russell Miller’s work spans print, installation and digital.

His work is exhibited internationally. He lives and works in London.





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