(un)forbidden pleasures (with Enes Güç)


created in collaboration with Enes Guc

During Covid-19 the context of the visual exposing the human body or its interaction changed so radically. We realized that this feeling of closeness can be recreated only digitally, with only an attempt to reproduce the analog- relating to or using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity such as spatial position.

At the same time, it opened many questions for us: How is the image of unprotected touch seen during the pandemic? Is it inappropriate to show close physical contact that is to a large extend forbidden these days? Is it enough that we connect digitally? And can these virtual bodies or selves replace for uncertain period real tactile, sensations? Will the time of isolation influence our view on intimacy? What are the effects and after-effects of what we are going through in art and in everyday life? Is this the definite death of analog or rather its resurrection?

Evelyn Bencicova


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