The Red Stool


I saw this man while I was in a bus gazing out the window. The way he looked stuck with me— from how he was sitting on a plastic red stool, his posture, his subtle expression that spoke so much. And while I didn’t have my sketchbook to capture what I saw, something about this man engraved himself into my memory.

There was something in particular about the red stool. How one seat could hold so much life, so many stories, and what felt like accidental art. I have always been drawn by mood and character, and this man’s aura was striking. In my work, I go through rigorous effort to ensure that each figure conveys thought and life behind its eyes.

I use Virtual Reality as my main tool to conceptualize ideas and forms. From there, I take my pieces to various software platforms that allow me to refine the surface and accurately portray how the piece would behave under light in the 3D render.

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