Sehse by Tupac Martir and Satore Studio (2016)

As part of the exhibition ‘Ciudad de Mexico, Luz e Imaginación’, I was asked to focus on the demographic of the city and its growth. Sehse is a piece about the last hundred years that have changed the look of the city and its individual boroughs, based on the history and the sounds that have shaped it. Each one of the boroughs was created as a light box, with the LED tape growing slowly across the 10 minute installation, with the pixels not only growing but also moving across the borough. The second part of the installation are the texts that appear on each side of the room, on one side we can see the most important news of each decade, one minute per decade, while on the other side we see the population in each borough, as well as the boroughs that existed, thus giving an understanding of how the city grew. In the middle of the room a projection of the city slowly builds. The last part is an entire soundscape that showcases many of the sounds that came out of the city and their importance in moulding not only the city but also the country.


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