North Pond; Chicago, IL: 11/29/17, 8:26am


Birding: December 2017

Three years ago, I started birding as a way to be more present in nature and to get away from screens. For an hour every day, I would observe and journal bird behaviors. This naturally led me to observe squirrels, dogs, humans and other creatures, water, plants, trees, and rocks. This humbling exercise proved to be one of the most profound experiences of recent years and I now have a deeper appreciation of the things I once took for granted. I am infinitely grateful to have discovered new ways of seeing the Earth and sky, through birding.

During this residency, I will go birding every Sunday and Wednesday and share a variety of media from these outings.


Sara Ludy is a Chicago based artist whose work investigates the confluence of the physical and virtual. Her works include websites, video, animation, VR, sculpture, installation, sound, photography, and audio-visual performance.

Previous exhibitions of Ludy’s work includes the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Vancouver Art Gallery, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, bitforms gallery, Honor Fraser, Carroll Fletcher and Ludy’s work has been featured in Modern Painters, The New York Times, Art Forum, Art in America and Cultured Magazine.

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