Mi†ra presents ‘nine-sum sorcery’ : XERODROME


Mi†ra presents ‘nine-sum sorcery’, a collaborative project of Studio LABOUR, Hani Mojtahedy, Enes Güç,  Zeynep Schilling, and Evelyn Bencicova.’nine-sum sorcery’ premiered at Berlin Atonal 2019 as live audio-visual performance work, later adapted as a video piece for gallery exhibition and online setting. 

‘nine-sum sorcery’ is an audio-visual piece composed of three chapters – “The Wheel”, “Cyclone” and “Xerodrome”. ‘nine-sum sorcery’ draws inspiration from Reza Negarestani’s theory-fiction book “Cyclonopedia”, which imagines oil as a sentient being. ‘nine-sum sorcery’ is a project initiated by studio LABOUR.

3rd chapter:


All is one between the earth and the sky. Dust flows over the surface of the horizontal plane. Dust is a real nomadic entity, it migrates elsewhere, spiriting itself away as an elusive ground. When dust particles are composed, they combine countless terms, languages, and materials belonging to entirely different kingdoms. Dust is the unit of information. There is no line of narration more concrete than a stream of data dust particles. Breathe as deeply as you will, it will never be depleted. 

(text from: Reza Negarestani – CYCLONOPEDIA: Complicity with Anonymous Materials)



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