Mi†ra presents ‘nine-sum sorcery’ : CYCLONE


Mi†ra presents ‘nine-sum sorcery’ a collaborative project of Studio LABOUR, Hani Mojtahedy, Enes Güç,  Zeynep Schilling, and Evelyn Bencicova.’nine-sum sorcery’ premiered at Berlin Atonal 2019 as live audio-visual performance work, later adapted as a video piece for gallery exhibition and online setting. 

‘nine-sum sorcery’ is an audio-visual piece composed of three chapters – “The Wheel”, “Cyclone” and “Xerodrome”. ‘nine-sum sorcery’ draws inspiration from Reza Negarestani’s theory-fiction book “Cyclonopedia”, which imagines oil as a sentient being. ‘nine-sum sorcery’ is a project initiated by studio LABOUR.

2nd chapter:


Oil is an object of desire and the means of destruction. Narrative organizer, lubricant. A pipeline crawler. Hydrocarbon corpse-juice. Gives energy and destroys.

Decay builds without creation. It erases the distinction between soft and solid. Void excludes solid but solid must include void in order to survive. To ascend and to descend are both alike acts of opening, perpetuated through depth – the ambivalence of solid and void, the object and its outside. The ground begins to shift under our feet. All that is solid melts out from under us.


(text from: Reza Negarestani – CYCLONOPEDIA: Complicity with Anonymous Materials)

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