Hik+ by Tupac Martir and Satore Studio (2017)

Caminante (Hik+) is a digital poem with real-time interactions with social networks, created for the Johnnie Walker Christmas campaign. The piece was projected onto Mexico City’s largest ‘canvas’ measuring 100×40 metres – the Torre Reforma skyscraper.

At the time, Mexico City was recovering from one of the worst earthquakes in its history and Hik+ was a love letter to the city and all of the people that live there. Accompanied by two poems, the digital/animation piece centred round a character stuck in a maze. The film follows his journey through the obstacle-filled labyrinth, where he never gives up despite being presented with challenge after challenge.

The character Hik+ (pronounced He-ku), derived from a native Huichol word meaning ‘Caminante’ or ‘Walker’.

Hik+ was created using Motion Capture, Cinema 4D, Coding, Notch, Maya, Houdini and After Effects. For the motion capture of Caminante (Hik +), a performance by Mexican dancer Isaac Hernandez was recorded in mocap. While the music score was crearted by Karim Gonzalez.


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