Hallidonto x Hobs Studio| VR Artist in Residence


Off the back of my Solo exhibition, Kadine James https://hobs3d.com/  invited me to be a VR artist in residence. The residency was a drawing research project for my ” Birth of a Cyborg” project, through the residency I had access to the VR kit and software and to the incredible technicians within the studio and access to the UK’s biggest 3D printer. Using Google Tilt, I began developing my continuous line drawing technique within VR. I have no models or visual material on hand to use as a reference, these drawings are muscle memory an intrinsic element of the construction of the Cyborg the continuous line is symbolic as a representation of a life form born within the digital landscape, these virtual drawings display the dynamism of form, movement, in their Cyborgian formation, these beings elicit gestures strangely familiar, yet stripped of their humanity an uncanny valley of these form lingers. While drawing, I am in constant flux while drawing, the unpredictability of the piece that is created presents challenges within the digital and tangible, as how will this form exist within reality, through process and refinement of the drawings my technique is constantly evolving, for example, gaps in the figure, the intricacies of the lines and how this can be used in casting ( I will elaborate in the next post) and the 3D printing process, and within the digital environment.

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