Mao Haonan born in 1990 Nantong Jiangsu, currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Mao Haonan received his BFA from Sichuan Fine art Institute in 2013, DNSEP (MFA) from School Fine Arts De Nantes Saint-Nazaire. Mao Haonan uses different techniques such as 3D videos, computer rendering simulators, space installations, paintings, photos, graphs etc. to center around the themes of fictions, perceptions, and memories.

Recent Exhibitions and Screening:“Displaced Belongings”(Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre、Royal College of Art, BACKLIT, Leicester, London, Nottingham); “IFFR 2020”(Rotterdam,2020); “Ji.hlava IDFF 2019”(Ji.hlava,2019); “Chinese Contemporary Art Yearbook Exhibition 2018”(Beijing Minsheng Art Museum,Beijing,2019); “Extreme Mix-Airport Biennale”(Guangzhou, 2019); “Hic Sunt Leones” (798 Art Zone, Beijing, 2019); “Chinese Import Direct”(The Cloud, Auckland, 2019); “Light ! Heat ! Power !”(Fy Foundation, Shanghai, 2018); “Continuous Terminus” (ShanghART M50, Shanghai, 2018); “Trente-Deux” (Gallery of ENBANM, Nantes, 2018); “ Tous les Endroit, Tous Les Envers”(Gallery of ENBANM, Nantes, 2018); “ Open Window” (le Vérone, Paris, 2017); “30e Grand Prix de Peinture” (Centre d’animation de la Froge, Renne, 2016); “Evanescence” (Archiculture, Nantes, 2016).