At the core of my work is creating forms from often simple components. Whilst these parts are seemingly ordinary, the power comes from when you combine them in hopefully interesting ways.


On the far left is a simple straight line. Using a little system I made I then add some noise to that line, though keeping the top and the bottom exactly the same as before. It’s important for me to have this fine grain control, rather than just allowing chaos to take over.


There’s something interesting there, but I think it becomes something else when I make multiple copies of that line whilst also adding some rotation with each copy. Now it seems to have volume. Maybe there are things to explore down this route..

Brendan Dawes uses generative processes involving data, machine learning, and code to create interactive installations, electronic objects, online experiences, data visualisations, motion graphics, and physical sculptures.


An Alumni of the Lumen Prize and Aesthetica Art Prize, Dawes' work has been featured in exhibitions worldwide, including Big Bang Data in thirteen cities, and three shows at MoMA, New York; the latter acquiring artwork Cinema Redux for their permanent collection.


Dawes draws much of his inspiration from popular culture and nature, often revolving his work around concepts of time and memory. These analytical explorations interrogate our understanding of the surrounding world. Following his Genesis NFT on KnownOrigin selling within the hour to legendary collector WhaleShark, Dawes released a collection on Nifty Gateway – selling out in under sixty seconds. He has also released work on MakersPlace, Foundation and SuperRare. His work has been auctioned at Sotheby’s Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale and Generative Art and The Future, an art exhibition in Shenzhen hosted by China’s largest auction house, Beijing Poly International Auction.