At the core of my work is creating forms from often simple components. Whilst these parts are seemingly ordinary, the power comes from when you combine them in hopefully interesting ways.


On the far left is a simple straight line. Using a little system I made I then add some noise to that line, though keeping the top and the bottom exactly the same as before. It’s important for me to have this fine grain control, rather than just allowing chaos to take over.


There’s something interesting there, but I think it becomes something else when I make multiple copies of that line whilst also adding some rotation with each copy. Now it seems to have volume. Maybe there are things to explore down this route…

Selected Solo Exhibitions


2022 [Upcoming] Moments Spent With Others, GAZELL.iO Project Space, London, UK

2015 Somewhere Amongst The Trees, Dog & Pony, Munich, Germany

2014 Dot Dot Dot, SIA, Sheffield, UK


Selected Group Exhibitions


2022 Art & NFTs: The Digital Roots, LA Frieze, Los Angeles, USA

2021 Transformations, Unit London, London, UK

           DCentralCon, Miami, USA

           CAFA Global NFT Art Season, Shanghai, China

           Generative Art and the Future, Poly Auction, Shenzen, China

           NFTism, Unit London, London, UK

           Natively Digital, Sotheby’s, London, UK

           .ext, Gazelli Art House, London, UK

           Abstract Art in the Age of New Media, MoCDA, Online

2020 Art Futura, Europe and North America, USA

2019 ZKM Season of Media Arts, Germany

2016 Big Bang Data, ArtScience Museum, Singapore

           Big Bang Data, Lima, Peru

           Big Bang Data, Santiago, Chile

           Impression 3D: L’usine Du Futur, Paris, France

2015 Big Bang Data, Somerset House, London, UK

          Designing with Data, Seoul, Korea

          re_manufactum, Poland

         Group Therapy, FACT, Liverpool, UK

         Big Bang Data, Argentina, Buenos Aires

         Big Bang Data, Espacio, Madrid, Spain

2014 Designer Data, National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford, UK

           Big Bang Data, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain

2012 Talk to Me, MoMA, New York, USA

2010 Action - Design Over Time, MoMA, New York, USA

2008 Design and the Elastic Mind, MoMA, New York, USA


Public Collections


MoMA, New York, USA 




2021 Aesthetica Art Prize

2020 Lumen Prize