The Third Day – Chapter 1 ‘The Engineer’ in Qatar


In three weeks the first chapter of The Third Day will premier at QUMRA in Doha, Qatar.

At this stage in the development of the work I am thinking about the kinds of questions we ask as children, but stop asking in adulthood even though they remain unanswered. It is as if we stop asking because we know that questions of that nature are unanswerable for reasons beyond mere complexity, that the questions in themselves are flawed. I am wondering how an AGI (artificial general intelligence) might deal with those kinds of childlike questions. In the world that lurks behind The Third Day the engineer becomes despondent not only because he does not understand the world, but more importantly because he knows he is missing some critical information, such that he cannot even ask the right kinds of question to begin to understand.

“a place needs somewhere to be and that somewhere itself must a place. The implications of this are profoundly troubling” THE ENGINEER.

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