Hallidonto x Hobs Studio meeting.


After my appearance at Convergence Festival,I was contacted by Patrick Morgan http://patrickmorgan.co.uk/ who is an Illustrator who works with YSL, Dior, RCA and asked me and Luke Robert Mason of http://www.virtualfutures.co.uk/ To meet with Kadine James who is the creative Tech lead at Hobs Studios https://hobs3d.com/. Hobs Studios are the largest 3D printing bureau in the UK. Me and Luke were asked to come to Hobs do a demo of my “Birth of Cyborg” performance. I talked about my idea of using VR and 3D printing to create Sculpture and the unique way I work by constructing digitally these Cyborgs in Virtual Space. The video has the first drawing I did with Hobs. The image below is the first 3D printed ‘Proto Cyborg’ that was shown at my solo exhibition.  

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