Hallidonto | Cyborgia Landscapes



I have recently acquired my own VR kit, these are videos are of my latest drawings, I am continuing to evolve and refine my technique being aware of how they can exist within the realms of the digital and the real world as sculpture, as they exist in VR they’re self-contained and the laws of psychics don’t apply per se, for printing, casting processes this becomes a new avenue I am now more aware in making decisions about the structure, as the drawings are in real time and given the unpredictable nature of how I work and the actions I take through the performance/drawing, how can I maintain the dynamism of the figures without compromising the form of the Cyborg.

The challenges of these being translated for casting and for direct 3D printing, it becomes an exciting process and a truly collaborative process the past and present still informing one another, the constant refinement and the eloquence of the line for me can lead to more exciting works, the one line is truly a sculptural process. Enjoy these Cyborg landscape works

My website: https://hallidonto.onfabrik.com/

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