distorted 360 photo of a road travelling around green sphere and a t-junction that turns left around a tall bar tree

Evening Road


Evening road. Which way will you go?

Placing the 360º camera on the end of a long pole so it is around 5 metres above the ground gives a completely different perspective. Photographing in winter as the sun is going down provides beautiful silhouettes against a luminous glow.



My recent image works have focused on experiments expanding the frame of normal photography to investigate composition changes, image manipulation and modes of display.

360º cameras expand the usual photographic frame to capture everything surrounding the camera. The captured image can be viewed on mobile phones and websites by scrolling around the sphere but is ‘trapped’ in the digital world. By manipulating the image, it can be transposed into a form that can be displayed and reproduced using traditional 2D formats. My aim in the manipulation is to convey a sense of the place where the image is recorded, but at the same time create a new place that draws the viewer in and immerses them in the detail of the image.


Martyn James Bull is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based in Oxfordshire, UK. His work is dominated by science, technology, landscape and architecture and spans print, installation and digital.





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