Autmn Musical Dinner



“[…] Duelling with that whistle is the long, sharp wail of a violin note escaping from the room on the right belonging to the peasant woman’s convalescent son.

Then, silence for a moment. Then, two minutes of chick peas in oil and vinegar. Then, seven capers. Then twenty-five liqueur cherries. then twelve fried potato chips. Then a silence of a quarter during which the mouth continue to chew the vacuum. Then, a sip of Barolo wine held in the mouth for one minute. Then a roast quail for each of the guests to look at and inhale deeply the smell of whithout eating. Then four long handshakes with the peasantwoman cook, and off they all go into the darkness-wind-rain of the forest.”


From The Futurist Cookbook, F.T.Marinetti

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